Business Location Ludwigsfelde

Optimal investment conditions

  • Basic funding up to 10%

  • KMU supplement of 20% for small and 10% for medium-sized companies

  • Customized programs and programs for market development and technology funding

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As a regional growth center, Ludwigsfelde is one of 15 buesiness locations that is specially funded by the state government of Brandenburg. In particular, they enjoy priority within the development programs and profit from new support instruments like the regional budget.

Traditional funding from the State of Brandenburg

Ministry of Economics and European Matters (MWE)

Funding of investments and companies

The funding programs are designed for new estabishements and expansions. Small and medium-sized companies are specifically funded to improve their ability to compete and create and secure long-term jobs.

You can find additional information on the MWE web pages.

ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg (ZAB - Future Agency of Brandenburg)

The ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg GmbH will inform and consult with you regarding funding options for establishing or expanding and existing company in the region. It provides information about central state, federal and EU programs. You can find additional information on the ZAB web pages.

Investionsbank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB - Brandenburg State Investment Bank)

The ILB is the central funding institute of the State of Brandenburg as well as a partner of the federal and EU governments for public and private investment projects. In the economic sector, the ILB also supports companies, for instance, with loans at good interest rates, bank guarantees, risks and venture capital and other services. You can find additional information here.

City funding

The Verfügungsfond (VFF - community chest) is a promotion from the City of Ludwigsfelde that also has money from the state and federal governments. It is possible to apply for funding from the VFF for privately initiated projects in the Ludwigsfelde downtown area. Project applications for the VFF can be submitted by citizens, business operators, the city administration, associations or organizations.

Examples of projects eligible for funding include projects in the fields of:

  • Public relations
  • Location marketing
  • City management
  • Coordinated advertising concepts (consultation, design)
  • Events (festivals, markets, etc.)
  • Coordinated facades and shop window design
  • Uniform advertising media (booms, signs)
  • Outside furniture, illumination
  • Environmental design
  • Art
  • Planting

Community chest application / community chest guidelines

  • Grafik Stadtkarte Ludwigsfelde mit Fördergebietshervorhebung
    City map with designation of assisted areas

You can obtain the application form and the community chest guideline in the Downloads & Forms section.

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