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Ludwigsfelde consistently continues to ensure its success as an business location. New commercial properties are planned and developed with a view to the future. Short approval periods and an ideally developed infrastructure with a wide coverage broadband network as well as specially designed funding options for the location offer companies looking to invest optimal framework conditions for implementing their projects.

The City of Ludwigsfelde is business-friendly and considers itself a service provider and cooperative partner; new establishments are supported from the initial meeting to the building application.

Investor information

Consultation - initial meeting

Whether you are looking for a suitable property or spaces, want to get informed about the funding options or require legal information: The staff unit for Economics and Business is available to you for preparing, planning and implementing your project.

Planning and construction

City of Ludwigsfelde
Department Construction consulting

Contact partner: Mrs. Kirsten Boes
Telephone: 03378-827-216

District of Teltow-Fläming
Lower building regulation authority, technical building supervisory authority

Contact partner: Mr. T. Morawski (Prüfgruppenleiter)

District of Teltow-Fläming
Room B6-2-04
Am Nuthefließ 2
14943 Luckenwalde

Telephone: 03371-608-4325
Fax: 03371-608-9160
Email: thomas.morawsk(at)

You can obtain information from the aforementioned contact partners at the administration or ahead of time, here: Geoportal Ludwigsfelde

Spaces and properties for trade, business or production

City of Ludwigsfelde
Staff unit for Economy & Business

Contact partner: Wilfried Thielicke
Telephone: 03378-827-110
Fax: 0331-27548-6868
Email: wilfried.thielicke(at)

Contact partner: Steffi Schmoz
Telephone: 03378-827-202
Fax: 03378-827-124
Email: steffi.schmoz(at)

Property prices

Current information about the standard land values in Teltow Fläming can be obtained from the

Business office of the auditing committee
of the Teltow Fläming district administration

Am Nuthefließ 2
Telephone: 03371-608-4205.

You can find a report about hte development of the standard land values in Teltow Fläming from March 2013, here.

You can obtain an overview of the development of the standard land values via the Ludwigsfelde Geoportal and the Brandenburg Viewer.

Media and developers

The electrical and gas line network in Ludwigsfelde is operated by the Stadtwerken Ludwigsfelde (Ludwigsfelde state utility authority) or E.ON, depending on the area of the city.  You can determine which power company is or will be responsible for your company's location in the following maps:

  • Grafik Karte Versorgungsgebiet Gas Stadtwerke Ludwigsfelde
    The gas supply area of the Stadtwerke Ludwigsfelde.
  • Grafik Karte Versorgungsgebiet Strom Stadtwerke Ludwigsfelde
    The electricity supply area of the Stadtwerke Ludwigsfelde.

Stadtwerke Ludwigsfelde

Stadtwerke Ludwigsfelde GmbH provides electricity and gas to private and commercial end consumers. The regional provider stands for both a good price to performance ratio and for regional commitment and environmental and consumer protection. The utilities companies provide business customers with comprehensive product and service information, including a "building owners' portfolio" in a PDF format (in German) on their websites.

It is possible to register with the utilities companies online.

Stadtwerke Ludwigsfelde
Potsdamer Straße 31
14974 Ludwigsfelde
Telephone: 03378-86060

E.ON edis

Customer service provides information about prices and conditions for the private electricity and gas provider E.ON edis:

E.ON edis Vertrieb GmbH
Telephone: 0331-20124595
Fax: 0331-97933118

You can also determine the current telephone number for the E.ON sales representative responsible for you here on the company's website using a differentiated query based on the type (electricity, gas, heat) and the scope of the desired services.

WARL - Water and waste water

In 1992, 14 cities and communities in Brandenburg came together to form an administrative water and waste water disposal union for the region of Ludwigsfelde (WARL). The goal of this communal water management is to supply communities with potable water in a cost-efficient and ecologically responsible manner and return the waste water to the natural circulation in an environmentally compatible manner. With the foundation of the WARL, the member communities transferred their sovereign tasks of supplying potable water and disposing of waste water to the administrative union.

Administrative water supply and waste water disposal union
Region Ludwigsfelde (WARL)
Potsdamer Str. 50
14974 Ludwigsfelde
Telephone: 03378-8655-0
Fax: 03378-8655-30
Email: info(at)

Economy & Trade



Rathausstraße 3
14974 Ludwigsfelde
Wilfried Thielicke
Wilfried Thielicke

Economic Promotion

03378 - 827 110
Rathausstraße 3
14974 Ludwigsfelde
Steffi Schmoz
Steffi Schmoz

Economic Promotion

03378 - 827 202